1. I only made it halfway through The Orange Eats Creeps. The writing was impressive, but I looked at it the second or third day and decided I had gotten everything from that book I was ever going to get. Good luck.

    1. Interesting. Is it a twice-as-long-as-it-should-be kind of book, or is it more of a language overshadows & outshines the plot/characters/other important stuff?

  2. The last morning I picked it up, I realized that I expected nothing more from that I had not already gotten. There were brilliantly created scenes, and a convincing squalidness that never asked for sympathy. One of the last images I remember was the narrator sitting naked on the lavatory sink in a motel room contemplating how her life was turning out. On one level I know how her life is going to turn out. She is going to somehow get through all this, enter an elite, MFA program in Creative Writing, and start publishing. I apologize for both over identifying author and narrator, and taking a pretty cheap shot with that last comment. But a feeling that did creep up on me, and that I am possibly exaggerating now that I have been away from the book for several weeks, had to do with how perfectly each exquisitely conceived short episodes was crafted for a public reading or book signing event.

  3. Sad to say, I had the exact same problem. I got over 3/4 of the way through Krilanovich’s book before I decided to move on to another. At first I thought it was just me–I sometimes tend to linger on the last few pages of a book, but I’m glad to see that I am not alone.

    1. This book did lead me to the Two Dollar Radio site where I got interested in Joshua Mohr’s Some Things That Meant the World to Me. I read and really enjoyed Mohr’s novel. He has a new one out that I will probably get through interlibrary loan.

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