Book Score: Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin

So this is the very first of my book scores, in which I write and record a piece of music inspired by the last book I read. Each song is meant to represent a feeling or mood or theme of the book it was written for. You can choose to listen to the songs as they are, or as you read the book.

This is a track written for the book Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin, translated from the French by Sheila Fischman, and published by Archipelago Press.

When I wrote this song I was thinking of the scenes that take place in the cave on the beach, and how the narrator can sense that someone had been there. The latter half of the song expounds on this theme of suspense, and I was thinking about the scene (no spoilers, I promise) of emotional climax when he is in a raft in the sea, surrounded by fog.

Listen to the song below, or better yet, download it for free and share it.

Below is the cover of the book Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin. You can find out more about it at the Archipelago Press website, or at Amazon.

Mister Blue Jaques Poulin

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