You Taste Like A Burger. I Don’t Like You Anymore: My Week In Watching

I’ve been busy this week, so I only got to watch two films. But they were good ones.


This film is based off the novel by Russel Banks. My acting teacher told me to watch this to take note of the role of the abusive drunk father, played by James Coburn, as a lesson on personalization, or ‘affective memory’, in which an actor uses people, memories, and emotions from their own life and experiences to create the character they play on film or stage. Coburn literally played his father for this role. The film also featured a great performance by Nick Nolte.


Wet Hot American Summer

I watched this film in a cemetery. Every Saturday throughout the summer, an event called Cinespia occurs in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. They play the film on the side of a building, and hundreds of people lay out on blankets and watch it together. It was the first time I saw this film, and it was absolutely hilarious. It’s a parody of 80’s summer camp comedies, and it stars a lot of famous comedians and actors, including Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, Ken Marino, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Joe Lo Truglio, and Elizabeth Banks.

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