Book Score: The Open Curtain by Brian Evenson

This is the third song in my Book Scores project. It is inspired by the novel The Open Curtain by Brian Evenson, published by Coffee House Press.

This book was creepy. Really creepy. Nightmarish. It’s about young Mormon guy who discovers some old newspaper articles about a strange murder involving the grandson of Brigham Young. He becomes more obsessed with learning about these mysterious circumstances, and shit gets crazy. That’s really the only way to put it.

Anyway, it was a fantastic novel. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. If you have read it, I wrote this score while thinking about the climax, the girl, the shed. You know what I’m talking about.

You can listen to the track on this YouTube video below:

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Here’s the cover image of the novel:

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Book Score: The Mirador by Elisabeth Gille

This is the second song I’ve recorded for my Book Scores project. It is inspired by The Mirador by Elisabeth Gille, translated from the French by Marina Harss, and published by NYRB Classics. The full title of the book is The Mirador: Dreamed Memories of Irene Nemirovsky by her Daughter. It’s got an interesting story behind it. Elisabeth Gille wrote it as the made-up memoir of her mother, who was arrested and killed by the Gestapo when Gille was only five years old. Her mother was a popular novelist named Irene Nemirovsky, and she has found new fame in the United States in recent years with new editions of her novels in English, including the breakout bestseller Suite Francaise.

I didn’t have a particular scene in mind when I wrote this song. Instead, I was thinking about some of the feelings I got from the book. Granted, The Mirador is filled with pogroms and terror and suspicion and uncertainty while Europe is teetering on the tipping point of war. Nevertheless, I still felt within it a quaint dream-like quality, which is what I tried to capture in the song.

Listen to the track below. You can download it for free right here.

Below is the cover of The Mirador by Elisabeth Gille. You can read more about it at the NYRB Classics site, or you can check it out at Amazon.

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Book Score: Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin

So this is the very first of my book scores, in which I write and record a piece of music inspired by the last book I read. Each song is meant to represent a feeling or mood or theme of the book it was written for. You can choose to listen to the songs as they are, or as you read the book.

This is a track written for the book Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin, translated from the French by Sheila Fischman, and published by Archipelago Press.

When I wrote this song I was thinking of the scenes that take place in the cave on the beach, and how the narrator can sense that someone had been there. The latter half of the song expounds on this theme of suspense, and I was thinking about the scene (no spoilers, I promise) of emotional climax when he is in a raft in the sea, surrounded by fog.

Listen to the song below, or better yet, download it for free and share it.

Below is the cover of the book Mister Blue by Jacques Poulin. You can find out more about it at the Archipelago Press website, or at Amazon.

Mister Blue Jaques Poulin

Introducing Book Scores

Music NoteTomorrow I plan to launch a new feature of Wing Chair Books. I am calling it Book Scores.

What are book scores?

They are just like film scores, except for books. Soundtracks.

I plan to write an original song for every book I read throughout 2012. I will post a new song every week or so. I have the first one finished and I’ll be posting it here tomorrow. With each song I hope to encapsulate a specific feeling, theme, or tone of the book it was written after.

Here’s to the start of a fun project. See you tomorrow!

Audio: WIND – by Michael Czyzniejewski

Elephants In Our Bedroom Michael Czyzniejewski

Listen to me read the story Wind from the collection Elephants In Our Bedroom by Michael Czyzniejewski, published by Dzanc Books.

By the way, it’s pronounced “Chiz-ny-EV-ski.” Pardon my mispronunciation in the recording.

Check it out at Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Check out Michael Czyzniejewski’s website.

The Physics of Imaginary Objects by Tina May Hall

I reviewed Tina May Hall’s book of stories & a novella, The Physics of Imaginary Objects. It is posted at, and you can read it by clicking here. Also, you can check out the book at Amazon by clicking here.