Writers Respond: What I Learned At AWP 2012 [1/3]

As anyone involved in the lit world knows, this past weekend was the annual AWP conference. Unfortunately, I was unable to find my way to Chicago for the event. Luckily, many gracious writers, editors, and publishers did go, and I asked them one question:

“What did you learn at AWP 2012?”

They gave me some great responses, which you can read below.

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It’s easy to give in to the belief that everyone in the small press / indie lit / AWP writing scene are all on some fake ass, circle jerk, social bullshit, then you arrive at AWP and remember that people are amazing, full of love and life and talent and energy and creativity and goodness and you forget how / why / when you ever even forgot that in the first place.

Barry Graham, author of Nothing Or Next To Nothing & The National Virginity Pledge

I learned that social media, despite its many problems, is oddly good at indicating what someone will be like in person. I met a lot of people whom I had previously known by only their avatar photos and status updates. And there were no surprises. And no bad apples, either. Writers are good bunch. Underrated, even.

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