Writers Respond: What I Learned At AWP 2012 [3/3]

As anyone involved in the lit world knows, this past weekend was the annual AWP conference. Unfortunately, I was unable to find my way to Chicago for the event. Luckily, many gracious writers, editors, and publishers did go, and I asked them one question:

“What did you learn at AWP 2012?”

They gave me some great responses, which you can read below.

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I learned that the best chocolates are not at the biggest booths, the best beers are not in the hotel bars, and the best panels are not the ones you attended.

Daniel Grandbois, author of Unlucky Lucky Days

This year I invented giving away books at the bookfair — Broder, Mullany and Sirois gave away dozens of signed copies — which was made affordable thanks to not registering for the conference, and was made necessary thanks to how badly it hurts my soul to try to sell books I love to disinterested, eye-glazed strangers.

Adam Robinson, founding editor of Publishing Genius Press & author of Adam Robison and Other Poems Continue reading “Writers Respond: What I Learned At AWP 2012 [3/3]”


In this episode I talk about Adam Robinson’s second book of poetry, Say, Poem, which came out this year from Awesome Machine Press. Adam’s other book of poetry to come out this year is called Adam Robison and Other Poems.

Check out the Say, Poem here: www.awesome-machine.com


In this episode I talk about two new books I got and why I can’t wait to read them.

The Best of (What’s Left of) Heaven by Mairéad Byrne from Publishing Genius Press.

Check it out here at Publishing Genius [it’s still only $10], or buy it from Amazon.

Klausen by Andreas Maier from Open Letter Books.

Check it out here at Open Letter, or:

Buy it from Powell’s

Buy it from Amazon