Free Lit Friday: WIIILD HEARTS by Hazel Cummings and Megan Lent

This week’s featured title is WIIILD HEARTS by Hazel Cummings & Megan Lent

Publisher: Housefire Books // 33 pages

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You can find Hazel Cummings online at her website.

You can find Megan Lent online at her blog and on her twitter.

Free Lit Friday: Border Run by Shya Scanlon

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of weekly posts in which I present a new, noteworthy work of writing that is available for free on the internet.

This week’s featured title is Border Run by Shya Scanlon

Here’s the synopsis:

BORDER RUN is a dystopian story of love, loss and redemption set on border of Arizona and Mexico. Jack Lightning is the proprietor of a theme park about illegal border crossing. While trying to keep his business running smoothly and preparing, despite the suspiciously gathering Native American protesters across the street, for an annual fair on the grounds of his park, Jack’s ex-girlfriend Jo shows up, accompanied by a stranger who asks to use Jack’s land as a cover for smuggling a real illegal alien into the country–the clone of Che Guevara. As long-held secrets are revealed on the day of the festival, Jack’s allegiances will be tried, and he will face difficult decisions about his family, and his future.

Publisher: New Dead Families // 117 pages

You can download the free eBook here, or read it online here.

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