I Am Excited To Read Children In Reindeer Woods By Kristin Omarsdottir

In Reindeer Woods Kristin OmarsdottirOpen Letter books is not only one of my favorite publishers of international literature, but they are one of my favorite publishers of any kind of literature. They repeatedly put out great works from authors that, often, I have never even heard of. This is why I am an eager subscriber to their catalog. Almost every month I get their latest book in the mail. This month I got Children In Reindeer Woods By Kristin Omarsdottir.

Children in Reindeer Woods is the first book by this Icelandic novelist to be translated into English. It has been getting some great critical coverage online, but what excites me most is the absurd synopsis:

Eleven-year-old Billie lives at a ‘temporary home for children’ called Children in Reindeer Woods, which she discovers one afternoon, to her surprise, is in the middle of a war zone. When a small group of paratroopers kill everyone who lives there with her,and then turn on each other, Billie is forced to learn to live with the violent, innocent, and troubled Rafael, who decides to abandon the soldier’s life and become a farmer, no matter what it takes.

If you’ve read Children In Reindeer Woods what did you think of it? What is your favorite Open Letter book?


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