Writers Respond: What I Learned At AWP 2012 [2/3]

As anyone involved in the lit world knows, this past weekend was the annual AWP conference. Unfortunately, I was unable to find my way to Chicago for the event. Luckily, many gracious writers, editors, and publishers did go, and I asked them one question:

“What did you learn at AWP 2012?”

They gave me some great responses, which you can read below.

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I learned how to use the Chicago subway system.

Melissa Broder, author of Meat Heart & When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother

1) literary events are more often about drinking with other writers than listening to them read; 2) if you want an audience, you have to rock the mic; 3) the most rewarding experiences tend to be the least trendy; 4) the DJ/dance part of the “Literature Party” should be subtitled “Geeks on Parade”; 5) short skirts and tall boots sell books; 6) many writers are alcoholics and it’s not glamorous; 7) you really can get laid at these things.

Jesus Angel Garcia, author of Badbadbad Continue reading “Writers Respond: What I Learned At AWP 2012 [2/3]”