Neon Green by Margaret Wappler

  • neon green margaret wappleFiction/Novel
  • Paperback: 246 pages
  • Publisher: The Unnamed Press
  • Release: July 26, 2016

My thoughts:

Remember when you were a kid and you read books that you fell into as if through a hole in the ground, and then you got up and felt your way around and realized you were in a new world that was very much like the one you knew, except something was a little different about this new world, and although it was familiar, it was a little off, a little weirder, a little brighter and more fun, but also more mysterious and more sad and frightening and lonely and thrilling? And then remember something happened somewhere in your life – who can say when or why – but remember how you stopped feeling this way about books, and it’s not like you ever stopped loving books – in fact, you love books more than ever now that you are a little older and, dare we, say a little more sophisticated, but it’s just that maybe we lost some of our innocence and our ability to retain our naïveté and suspend our disbelief in a way that made it harder for books to transport us to those hidden wonderful places? This is the book that will take you back.

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