I Am Excited To Read Windeye By Brian Evenson

Windeye Brian EvensonIn December I got a gift card to Barnes & Noble. It contained exactly the amount necessary to pre-order the two books books I had been most excited for. They were the two brand new books by one of my absolute favorite living authors: Brain Evenson.

I read the first book, Immobility, in one sitting over the course of a Saturday afternoon. It’s a novel published by TOR, and it was awesome. If you’re a fan of Evenson, than you will most assuredly like this book. It is like the lovechild of Last Days and Baby Leg.

The second book, Windeye, is a collection of stories published by Coffee House Press. Evenson’s previous collection, Fugue State, is, story-for-story, the tightest and most solidly impressive book of stories I have ever read, and his The Wavering Knife, is a near second. This is why I am so excited to read Windeye.

If you have already read Windeye, what is your favorite story from it? What is your favorite Brian Evenson story or book?